3,2,1 Stash bust! – Mini skeins

I’m a sucker for mini skeins. Especially local indie dyed mini skeins. Add in a fanciful name to the collection and I’m a goner! That explains my not unsubstantial collection of mini skeins collected wherever I find them at a local yarn store. But how to show these yarns off?

In this 3,2,1 stash bust we share 3 patterns that will have you swooning and diving for your mini skeins or tracking down the mini skeins in the Birdhouse!

3. Kukulkan (2017)

Rachel Henry

We were first introduced to the Kukulkan shawl by local knitting goddess Marny. Like Marny, Kukulkan is a show stopper. Unlike most mini skein patterns though Kukulkan makes use of a double knitting weight. Luckily, you can get Dream in Color’s Cosette in mini skeins, which is how Marny created her Kukulkan.

The geometric shape of this shawl intrigues us and it’s name. We shouldn’t have been too surprised to find out that designer Rachel Henry is a high school math teacher.

What you need:1 skein of Dream in Color Cosette

6 mini skeins Cosette to total approximately 400 yards

Buy the pattern here

2. Leftie (2012)

Martina Behm-Strickmich! Designs

Leftie as in leftovers, but who’s to say you can’t make something a little more coordinated with ½ dozen mini skeins and a full skein of a neutral.

Strickmich! patterns often get our attention and we keep coming back to them. Leftie has been in my queue since it was posted on Ravelry in 2012, since then I’ve knit Ms.Winkle and Hitchhiker, both Strickmich! Designs. These Strickmich! Designs are not particularly large so these projects actually see fruition more often than other more ambitious designs cough Stephen West cough.

What you need: 1 skein of a main color fingering weight and a whole bunch of mini skeins or leftovers.

Buy the pattern here

1.Thunderclap (2019)

Emily Wood 

This is the perfect pattern for the tail end of the monsoon season here in Tucson.

Check out their description “This dramatic shawl grabs your attention with a wide block of gradient mosaic color work in the center. The zigzags move like sound waves of rumbling thunder accompanied by the shushing of rain sliding down a windowpane in the easy texture of the garter rib.”

The description is enough to send me over the ‘should I, shouldn’t I’ cast on question.

What you need: one 400+ yard skein in a solid color and then 5 mini skeins.

Buy the pattern here. 

Didn’t see anything that caught your fancy? Check out our mini skeins suggestions on Ravelry.





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