Favorite knitting & crochet blogs, podcasts and vlogs

It’s safe to say that a podcast changed my relationship with yarn, and in so doing, a not insignificant part of my life.

Knitting was already an integral part of my social life, with a wonderful weekly knitting group who have provided eight years of sisterhood, laughter and tears, but the Knit British podcast kicked it up a notch.

I don’t remember if I stumbled on the Knit British blog or the podcast first, I think maybe I was looking up something about local yarn. But it was listening to Louise talk with such passion about the importance of knowing the provenance of the yarn you knit with, accompanied by the occasional gentle bleating of a Shetland sheep, or purr of Jeremy the Podcat in the background that awoke an interest in the fiber I was knitting memories with. The interest has taken over at least one room in my home, seen me travel to Iceland and to Scotland and attend the Edinburgh Yarn Festival.

Since Knit British I’ve found other blogs, vlogs and podcasts that tickle my fancy, but it holds a special place in my heart. Below we share some of our favorite fiber related blog, vlogs and podcasts and why we think you might like them too.


Our favorite vlogs, blogs and podcasts

Knit British

see above.

The Yarn Harlot

Because Stephanie Pearl-McFee can knit up a storm and entertain prompting tears and laughter within a few lines. Her quips about knitting are right on the mark.

Grocery Girls

These ladies are a hoot. They are the fun members of your knit night group, caught in your device and playable whenever you need a lift.


Can I say how much we love our California based friends Gayle and Sharlene?  They understand a little the issue with knitting in warm to sweltering heat at least. We love to hear what the latest thing they’re stalking is.

The Drunk Knitter

Safiyyah invites you into her home and her heart. Her vlog is like sitting down with a friend and a glass of wine or maybe three. The conversation meanders from knitting to design, to her animals and life in general. Her written blog posts are poignant and powerful and have brought me to tears and then action.

Joji Locatelli

Pam follows Joji’s vlog religiously. Travel along with one of our favorite designers as she explores her progress on knitwear designs and on her travels in her homeland of Argentina and beyond.

Espace Tricot

One of Montreal’s loveliest yarn shops also is host to a vlog too. Lisa and Melissa relay stories of what they see happening in the yarn and design worlds.

3 Ply Yarns

Imagine Pam’s surprise when watching the latest edition of 3 Ply Yarns  she sees Irene interviewing Holly at Birdhouse Yarns! Pam and all of us at Birdhouse give 3 Ply Yarns podcast the big thumbs up.

3 ply podcast
Word Holly chatting with Irene of 3 Ply Podcast

Jeanette Sloan

Holly turned us onto Jeanette Sloan’s blog last fall with the Jonah’s Hands blog post, but she had been following Jeanette for a while. The designer and former yarn shop owner based in the south of England writes wonderfully about design and designers.

Knit’s All Folks

Get it? I saved this blog until last so I could use it in just that way. Anyway, funnily enough it was Jeanette Sloan’s blog in England who turned us onto Knit’s All Folks, a blog by Monica Rodriguez who lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She’s practically our neighbor. Monica shares interviews of a wide diversity of fiber artists as well as knitting advice and her own fab pop culture inspired design.

This, of course, is not an inclusive list, but let’s not overwhelm you. Do you listen, read, or watch knitting/crochet podcasts/blogs or vlogs? Which ones?

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  1. Mason-Dixon Knitting (masondixonknittkng.com) blog is my morning ritual. Charming, clever knitters Ann & Kay send letters to each other that we get in on! They have a lovely curated online shop, Knitalongs, popular topical Field Guides, ‘Knit to This’ recommendations, and The Lounge to interact with others on a host of topics, including the knitalongs, advice, and knitting squares for ‘team blankets’ in the last year for victims of tragedies.
    I’m sure I’m leaving something out – it’s delightful!


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