Gifts for the yarn addict in your life

If your loved one has a passion for yarn, whether they knit or crochet or even just look at their stash of yarn, you’ve come to the right place to find a gift for them.

They may have a yarn collection the size of which defies understanding, but you don’t have to give them yarn. In fact, we recommend you don’t, unless you’re a fellow yarn addict, or they’ve told you specifically what they want. Much of the pleasure in knitting or crochet can come from the time spent choosing exact right yarn for a project.

So what to get your yarn addict? Here are our suggestions:

Looking for a little tchotchke?

Whether you’re creating a gift basket of treasures, stuffing a stocking, or looking for a small gift for your yarn addict, we can help. From stitch markers, yarn snipping scissors to gauge rulers and needle protectors there is something for everyone. Just come in and talk with us and we will guide you.

Stitch markers are the perfect stocking stuffer. Buy some simple stitch functional markers or buy some hand-crafted bead stitch markers to delight your crafter.

Handmade tags for the knitter or crocheter who is always creating for others offer a finishing touch that your yarn artist will love to add.

Better than jewelry?

Wrist rulers

wrist ruler

The functionality of wrist rulers paired with the earthy leather aesthetic means we wear our bracelets all the time. Wrist rulers allow your favorite knitter or crocheter to quickly measure their projects on the go. Price range: $20-$25

Shawl pins

magnetic shawl pins
Magnetic shawl pins

From the classic elegant shawl pin to magnetic shawl pins we have something for every shawl wearer. Prices start at just $12.

Knitting and yarn all the time

It’s coffee time

Debbie Bliss coffee mug

Whether they have a project in their hands right now or not, these crafters think yarn all the time. Pick up a Debbie Bliss coffee mug and one of our yarn-related magazines to provide another outlet for their love of  yarn.

How many works in progress?

Project bags

Whether it’s to keep a project away from the attention of small hands, a kitten’s playful paws, or maybe the intended recipient’s prying eyes, we need containers for our projects. We also need to be able to take our works-in-progress (WIP) with us, whether it’s to craft at a knit night, a waiting room or at work during lunch. Choose from a variety of beautiful project bags, including locally handmade bags, that will serve your crafter well. As most of us have multiple WIPs, we’re always in need of a new project bag. Prices are between $12-$40

Keeping pace

Magnetic pattern keeper

Have you ever looked at a knitting or crochet pattern? It’s a different language isn’t it? Or rather languages and scripts, heck sometimes it’s just complicated looking charts! Our magnetic pattern keepers will allow a knitter or crocheter to keep track of where they are in the pattern easily, and keep their pattern safe.

Ultimate needles and hooks

Needles and hooks

A dedicated knitter will craft needles from two pencils if need be, but like any artist, working with fine tools brings a new level to a craft. We have interchangeable knitting needles and finely crafted crochet hooks that are beautiful and functional. Prices start at $120

The perfect gift

Time and a Birdhouse Yarns gift certificate.

Give your loved one an afternoon away from the day-to-day grind and a gift certificate to spend on the perfect yarn, patterns or even a private one-on-one class to hone their skills. It really is the perfect gift. Perhaps they’ve always wanted to try color-work, or brioche, or need to get that sock heel and toe down or splash out on a particular yarn – a gift certificate is just the ticket.

Fellow yarn lovers please weigh in with your thoughts in the comments. What would be the perfect yarn-related gift from a  loved one?

2 thoughts on “Gifts for the yarn addict in your life”

  1. This is a great list! I personally love the little bits like stitch markers and foldable scissors. Little boxes or zipper pouches to put the notions in are also good. Those bracelet rulers are brilliant, though!! People are ingenious!


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