How about a quick gift crochet?

I think I’ve shared this story before so please forgive my addled brain if I have.

When my youngest child was three years old he looooooooooooved Frozen. Most of all he loved Elsa and her long, long hair.

Unfortunately, after a disastrous experience at a hairdressers, his own hair was shorn short. (The hairdresser’s understanding of “Just tidy it up, but leave it longer.” translated to about one inch length everywhere but the bangs where he was allowed a little length. Needless to say we never went back to that hairdresser! )

His wish from Santa that year was for long hair, like Elsa’s, in a braid down to his waist. Santa wasn’t able to comply, but I put my rather rudimentary crochet skills to the test on Christmas Eve and made him a little light blue beanie with a long yarn braid that went down to his waist. (See below to see just how rudimentary…oy!) He wore that hat everywhere until the braid met a rather unfortunate end.

Six years later he has hair that almost reaches down to his waist, there is no need for me to knit a beanie with braid. Still, crochet holds a special place in my heart for the speed at which things are created and the ability to improvise and make stuff up to create any manner of shape. With that I present you with our quick crochet gift suggestions. All, with the exception of the first are crocheted with bulky yarn to ensure a speedy result:

  1. Cozy Tablet Tote by Stacy Wilkinson – knit in an aran weight. We suggest Cascade Aran
    We’re lucky to have Stacy as a Birdhouse customer so extra thrilled to share this pattern for a tablet tote with you. Here is her description: This is a crocheted tablet tote to hold your electronic tablet. It’s sized for 8” x 10” (8” x 14” with the closing flap opened). It’s worked as one panel that gets seamed together on only two sides. The back panel is started from the bottom Foundation stitches. This is a quick and fairly simple project, that even includes a video tutorial of the stitch.This pattern is available free on her website, or you may purchase the ad free pdf on Ravelry.YARN
    We suggest 220 Superwash Cascade Aran 
  2. Brooklyn Beanies and pom pom Brooklyn Beanie by Alana Harley – The “Brooklynn Cables Beanie” is a creative blend of style and warmth and is built to withstand the most brutal of winter winds! Made with chunky/bulky yarn and thick textured cables, this is one seriously warm hat. It’s worked with a J/10 hook and any chunky/bulky (#5) yarn. Instructions to make the hat are available in 5 sizes: Infant (6-12mos) Toddler (1-3yrs), Child (4 -11yrs), Adult and Extra Large.YARN
    128 Superwash Cascade or for something particularly special Beatrix by Juniper Moon.  Don’t forget the pom pom!
  3. Winthrop Basket by Julia Schwartzcabled crochet basket beneath christmas tree

We’re rather taken with this little baskets and all the possible uses we could find for them. This might not be a beginner pattern, but it would be a sweet way to package gifts this year!  The Deluxe Chunky from Universal Yarns would be perfect for showing off stitch definition.


Deluxe Chunky from Universal Yarns

4. Trinity Pocket Scarf by Amber Bliss Calderón

Pockets are just about EVERYTHING! And the pocket scarf is all the rage these days! This is the bulky yarn version so that you can whip this out in time to give. This scarf has an EASY repeat with roomy pockets (think bottle of wine). The diagonal line of the pocket gives it a different look. This scarf can be made to any desired length! Working with bulky yarn, it works up quickly and easily. Crochet level: Beginner


Any of our bulky weight yarns will do. You will need between 4 and 7 skeins dependent on the yarn for one scarf.

5. One Hour Slippers from Kristi Simpson

Want to make an adorable pair of crochet slippers in a short amount of time? These One Hour Crochet Slippers are exactly what you need. Choose some fun colorful yarn and begin crocheting yourself a pair of nice and soft crochet slippers. Plus, the video tutorial breaks down just how easy it is to make these DIY slippers, and is great for all of you visual learners out there. Start making this slippers pattern today, and have a new pair in just one quick hour!


Given these are slippers we suggest hitting the easy care section of our bulky yarns. Cherub Chunky from Cascade or if you want something other than a monochrome, check out Cosy Soft Chunky by Ella Rae


Finally, I’d like to say my crochet skills have come a long way since this time, but I’m afraid they haven’t. Wasn’t he cute?

Needless to say there was no official pattern followed in creating this! Oy! But he was so happy.


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