How about a quick knit?

Carrying on the annual tradition of curating a list of quick knits to put the homemade spin on our holiday giving. Apparently, each year we don’t learn from the previous and still find ourselves in a bit of a panic. This year we’re going for strictly free patterns which should help the budget a little and as these are gifts possibly for those who won’t hand wash we’re choosing yarns that reflect that.

  1. The World’s Simplest Mittens by Tin Can Knits

    4 different sized mittens in various colorsI firmly believe that every list should include a Tin Can Knits pattern. They’re just so dang cute, readable and versatile grading most of their patterns from baby to adult! With these mitts there is even a tutorial if you’re a little worried and instructions on how to make them in anything fingering weight to chunky. We’re going to suggest Jody Long’s Ciao yarn which is springy, soft and machine washable.

  2. Bruma Hat by Kristel Nieves

    Yes, Rasta is my go to for a quick gift.  The Bruma hat is a great choice when you want to make a quick and easy project. Using only a skein of Malabrigo Rasta you can make a hat and a big pompom. You don’t have to use Rasta though, we have several lovely acrylic wool blends for the knitworthy, but not careful with washing gift recipients. You can try Be Wool which is a 60/40 blend that is soft as a cloud.

  3. Gift Cardigans by Julia Tarsha

    So, it’s getting late and you’ve decided to go with a gift card for that last minute gift. Great idea! Want to personalize it? No problem, Resourceful knitter – just break out the worsted scraps and button tin. In just about an hour, you’ve got it covered with it’s own cardi! If you don’t have any worsted in your stash we have a whole bunch!

  4. Plant Cozy by Jennifer Kelley

    Apparently, over the past couple of years it’s become very hip to be a dedicated indoor plant lover. As my teen tells me ‘it’s the aesthetic’ I’ll be honest I’m not sure what that means, but I do know that a couple of succulents picked up from the local nursery and covered in these plant cozies would go down well for several of my younger hipper cousins as well as my plant loving friends. Pick up an aran weight yarn in a neutral color to go with whatever the ‘aesthetic’ and you should be bloomin’! Pick out a neutral 220 Superwash Aran by Cascade and you’ll have enough for 5 cozies that will fit a 5″ by 3.5″ pot.

  5. Cuddly Cactus by Julie Edwards

    Plants for those that are not so green-thumbed! These are the cuddliest cacti around! Pet ‘em, squeeze ‘em, accidentally brush against them- no pricks! Plus, they’re even heartier than their living counterparts, so no lack of watering or sunlight will do them in! I’m thinking the Juniper in Cascade Sport or maybe the Jasmine Green?Want to see what we knit last year in our quick gifts? See last year’s ideas. 

    Who is knitworthy in your life? Throw away the angst read our 4 pointers for making that a guilt-free decision.

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