How to build your wish list

Early in our relationship I realized that my now husband had a different set of expectations around gift giving. I didn’t understand it, but I recognized it. He hated giving gifts. It wasn’t that he was stingy, he just didn’t want to give a gift that didn’t mean anything. This meant that birthday or Christmas I would often be without a gift because he was paralyzed by fear of getting the wrong thing. I’d drop subtle hints to no avail. And while I knew it wasn’t an indication of his dedication and love, it still hurt.  It wasn’t until a dear friend of mine, Trish, suggested that we had different ‘love languages’ that I put two and two together.

We had different love languages. His language of love was ‘acts of service.’ He’d do all sorts of things, build a series of orchid boxes while I was going through my orchid phase or create a workbench for my latest hobby, but words, flowers and traditional gifts were never going to be how he communicated. And while gift receiving wasn’t my primary language, it was in my repertoire. So we talked and came up with a solution. I would create a wish list that he could pick something from and know I would like it and that would meet my need for a  traditional gift, and he could ‘talk’ his language of love all year long in acts of service.

Whatever your reason for a wish list, a Birdhouse wish list can help your loved one pick out a gift you’ll love. Here are the steps to setting up your wish list.

    1. Register your account
      Go to the store website and click on the Login button in the blue navigation bar.
    2. Click the Create Account button below the SIGN IN bar and proceed with creating an account.
    3. Once you’ve created an account go back in and log in to your new account on the website.
    4. Create a registry. Under account you will find a drop down to gift registry set up. Here you’ll be able to set up a name for your gift list and find a link to share with your loved ones so they can see your heart’s desire. 
    5. Add to your registry.Now it’s time to list your wishes. Go to the store and search for what you would like. You should still be logged into your account. Rather than adding it to your cart, you now have the option to add it to your gift registry and even specify which gift registry. Go wild!

      6. Now share the love
      When your loved one checks the link they will see the most updated registry! test wish list

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