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A few days ago I saw a vendor on Instagram selling a t-shirt declaring ‘Happy Monsoon’. Upon deciding that I must get said t-shirt I promptly got distracted (probably by a picture of yarn) and can’t remember who was selling the t-shirt, other than it was someone in Arizona, but still the idea of Tucsonans wishing each other ‘Happy Monsoon’ has made me smile since.

I have a love/hate relationship with summer in Tucson. I love the anticipation of storms, the way the clouds build over the Rincons and how the thunder rolls in over the Tucson basin.  I love the way the desert responds to a sudden downfall of monster-size raindrops, the way ocotillos come alive with greenery, the smell of creosote signaling the arrival of rain somewhere beyond the city limits and the way the humidity makes my skin plump out all the wrinkles. But I hate the heat. When you add it all up there is more love than hate, including loving to sit on the porch of an evening after a storm has cleared the air and watch the sunset fall over the mountains while I knit and listen to the cicadas.

For all of you who also love, or love/hate our Tucson summers, we’ve curated a collection of shawls and cowls that are rain and storm inspired along with some yarn suggestions, so you might spend time watching the storms while knitting too. You can check out the curated collection on Ravelry here.  

What is your favorite season here in the desert? What do you miss?

Waiting for Rain by Sylvia McFadden

Yarn suggestions: Gherkins Bucket SW Silk Sock Colorway: Soft Iron

When rain falls by Ana Campos

When rain falls
Yarn suggestion: Dream in Color Smooshy with Cashmere Colorways: Pickleball and Prince William

Thunder Cloud Kisses by Truly Myrtle

Yarn suggestions: Dream in Color Smooshy with Cashmere Colorway: Prince William and Grey Tabby

Thunder Moon by Mindy Wilkes

Yarn suggestions: Gherkin’s Bucket Yak Sock Colorway: Threadbare

Dodging raindrops cowl by Vanessa Ewing

Dodging rain drops
Yarn suggestions: Less Traveled Yarns Colorway: Monsoon

After the rain by Sylvia McFadden

Yarn suggestions: Dream in Color Classy Colorway: Gold Experience


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