Packing tips for yarn lovers

If the first thing you do when planning a trip is sort out what local yarn stores are in the vicinity of your destination, or if the destination is dictated by the yarn possibilities, these packing tips are for you.

WARNING: Enabling ahead

Packing tips for a yarntastic trip:

Martyr yourself and pack for the whole family

Take control of packing your suitcases (and everyone else’s if you’re traveling as a family) to maximize potential yarn space. Remember suitcases are expandable for a reason, yarn is light, pajamas are optional and in Tucson temperatures you really don’t need that winter coat, a knitted wrap will do quite nicely.

Be your ever generous self

Bring gifts for family, or hosts, or strangers on the streets. Perhaps even knitted gifts. Once the gifts are distributed you’ll have more space in your suitcase for yarn.

Be prepared

Remember the old scout motto, be prepared? Bring sunscreen, winter or summer you will need it when you visit Tucson. Sure you could buy some at your destination, sure  but this way you free up more space in your return luggage.

Vacuum Pack

This brilliant suggestion came from Lyndsey of Countess Ablaze when I confided I might not have enough space left in my suitcase- Vacuum packing. Take a vacuum bag or two with you. You can use them to condense your yarn purchases and your clothes to fit into the suitcase.

Limit your travel WIPs

C’mon you know you do it too. It isn’t just me. Right? The temptation is always to take at least a few works in progress, after all what happens if you finish one? How often do you actually get to them? Also, make sure not to do as I did on my last journey and don’t take colorwork. It’s way too cumbersome remember you need the space for yarn stash expansion.

One last word on where to stay, or rather three – location, location, location.

Just as with real estate, establishing your base of operations close to your yarn destinations is critical. If your trip isn’t purely for yarn and knitting, or at least your travel companions aren’t aware of your mission, then balance the official purpose of your trip with your secret yarn mission. A nice view of some iconic scene should suffice, “Why honey, from here we can watch the sun set over the Tucson mountains, walk to the University of Arizona and to Birdhouse Yarns.”

Not able to visit us in Tucson, Arizona? You can visit the shop virtually and let us worry about the packing tips, and follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see yarn and Tucson love.

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