Quick knit gifts for the knit-worthy in your life

Casapinka Sugar and Ice fingerless mitts

If you’re like me you may have grand plans for the gifts for the knit-worthy folks in your life. A knitted or crocheted gift is one of the highest compliments you can pay a person and the knit-worthy know that. Unfortunately, those grand plans often get scuttled by the rest of life butting in and taking over. So what do you do when you’re short on time, but big on love for a gift recipient?

We’ve put together a list of favorite patterns for knocking out the perfect gift in a short time. All these patterns can be knitted up in an evening, a weekend, or on a road trip to a family reunion (as long as you’re not driving).

1. Antler Hat by Tin Can Knits (free)

Antler Hat by Tin Can KnitsYarn: Katia Cotton-Merino

This is more than a plain beanie. The textural element shows off your skill with needles and your choice of yarn can reflect your knowledge of the gift recipient’s aesthetic. The yarn isn’t in the online shop right now, but call and we can hook or knit you up!

2. Epic Fox hat by Tania Richter

Epic Fox hatYarn: Juniper Moon Herriot and Knitting Fever’s Furreal (in shop)

Okay, it doesn’t have to be a fox hat, but Juniper Moon’s bulky weight Herriot in alpaca matched with Knitting Fever’s Furreal knits up in an evening to create a super soft hat that most kids will go gaga over. We downsized the ears a touch to match the seven-year-old recipient’s taste. We’re thinking of making a fox tail with it too!

We had to peel this hat off our young model before he took it to school, and he put in a request for a panda hat in the same material. And how fun is that fur yarn?

3. Sugar and Ice Mittens by Casapinka

Casapinka Sugar and Ice fingerless mittsYarn: Mermaid Shoes by Dream in Color Smooshy with Cashmere

The pattern calls for a DK weight yarn, but we play with needle size a little so we can use the worsted weight. Fingerless mittens are a perfect opportunity to do a small amount of texture or colorwork and have it be the feature everyone notices in an outfit.

4. Perky Little Hat by Sharon Lentsch

Perky Little HatYarn: Rasta by Malabrigo

Put a pompom on it or not, this is rapidly becoming a go-to knit in our gifts for the knit-worthy. This is literally an evening knit.

5. LTYC COWL (free)

LTYC Cowl in Malabrigo Rasta

Yarn: Rasta by Malabrigo

We’re told that this can knit up in the time it takes to get from Tucson to Denver by plane. You can make coordinating ones for everyone in the family. Personally, I think it would be perfect with the Perky hat above – if you have two evenings your knit-worthy recipient may get a lovely matching set.  Add Erika Knight’s Cable and Rib mitts in a complimentary color for the trifecta! ?

What are some of your favorite quick knit gifts for the knit-worthy in your life?

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