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Before my children were even a twinkle in my eye my book collection included a not insubstantial children’s book section. This was in part due to having trained as a K-8 teacher, at least that was my excuse. Today, I use my seven-year-old as my cover story, and when he is deemed too old for picture books I guess I’ll have to just come clean and admit I love a good picture book.

Recently, one of our lovely community, Ann, shared a picture book I just had to get a copy of – ‘Shall I knit you a hat – A Christmas Yarn’ by Kate Klise and illustrated by M.Sarah Klise which prompted this list of books for children, or grown ups with a love of picture books and yarn.

Shall I knit you a hat – A Christmas Yarn

by Kate Klise and illustrated by M. Sarah Klise

The book tells the tale of Mother Rabbit and Little Rabbit who create the perfect gifts for Little Rabbit’s friends by knitting personalized hats. It takes a little while for the gift recipients to recognize how thoughtful the gifts are, but do eventually when a blizzard blows in. This sweet book has a lovely message about the joy of creating and giving of gifts. Better still it has Little Rabbit’s hat pattern in the back! It’s a lovely introduction for children on the importance of thoughtfulness in gift giving.

Annie and the Swiss Cheese Scarf

by Alana Dakos and illustrated by Neesha Hudson

Annie’s mom knits so Annie wants to knit too, but it’s not as simple as her mom makes it look. When her project doesn’t turn out how she wants Annie gets frustrated, but decides to keep trying. The sense of accomplishment she feels is clear and soon Annie is teaching her classmates to knit. Along with clear picture instructions at the end of the book on how to knit, this is a lovely story about the bond between a mother and daughter and their shared craft, and a lesson in perseverance.


Leave Me Alone

by Vera Brosgol

Grandma is cranky and in search of a nice quiet place to knit so she can just complete gifts for her loved ones. Parents and caregivers will relate to the ever elusive personal space and quiet time that goes along with taking care of young children. My children love how cranky granny is and compare her to me, which I’m not sure how I should take! However, it’s a great starting point to talk about children about how everyone including grown ups sometimes need a little peace and quiet.




Little Owl’s Orange Scarf

written and illustrated by Tatyana Feeney

This is a sweet short book where Mama Owl has to rethink her yarn choices in creating a scarf for Little Owl. The author’s illustrations are particularly striking. We used this book as a prompt for a first project, a little knit scarf for a favorite stuffed toy barn owl.






by Leslie Helakoski and illustrated by Lee Harper

The first of two Woolbur books, this is all about a lamb that just isn’t going to follow the herd. This delightful book is all about reveling in who you are.Better still, Woolbur gives an introduction in the sheep to skein process and includes multiple fiber arts.

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