Win an Inara Shawl Kit – Photo Contest

As you take the winding road up Mt. Lemmon right now you meet a spectacle of color as the walnut and sycamores shimmer with copper and amber leaves. Head higher still and watch gold aspen leaves float and flutter down to blanket the trail alongside the burnt red leaves of the maple. We might not be in Vermont, but we can still revel in the wonder of the year’s autumn swan song with a quick trip to any of the mountains or riparian areas close.

For us fiber lovers, this symphony of color is the heralding of knit/crochet wear season. On a few recent trips this fall I was lucky enough to have a few willing models to show off knitwear, both a few of our  samples and a few of their own creations. The light was wonderful, the knitwear looked glorious and so did our stunning knitters. All the photos were taken just with a phone and that, and the Yarniac’s recent Colors of Fall Knit/Crochet Along got us to thinking…what if.

Prizes to be won!

What if we hosted a little KAL/CAL with a prize or two? We were thinking that the grand prize winner would receive the beautiful Inara kit (we have several color choices) which is comprised of Katia Ombre and a contrast yarn of Cascade Longwood and of course the pattern, along with an assortment of useful notions and luscious hive bar from Cornbread & Honey. Two runners up would also get the Inara Shawl Kit.

The rules are as follows:

  1. Submit an image of any garment or accessory you knit or crocheted in  2018/2019 whose pattern you can find on Ravelry.
  2. The finished item must incorporate a yarn purchased at Birdhouse Yarns. It doesn’t have to be all of it, but we have to be able to see it.
  3. You must post the photo of item styled and in the wild! (See below for explanation.) The photo must be shared publicly on Instagram or Facebook and we need to be tagged @BirdhouseYarns and the hashtag #BirdhouseYarnFallPhoto added or you can share it in our Ravelry group.
  4. Please share what yarn you used, who was the designer and the pattern in your post. Brownie points if you tag them too!
  5. Photo of finished object must be posted publicly by December 1 to be considered.

*What do you mean styled and in the wild?

Ideally, we’d love a photo of the item being modeled somewhere outside where we get a sense of Fall or even Winter. That is, not in the bathroom mirror! You could be up Mt.Lemmon on a hike, in the Botanical Gardens, at the farmer’s market among the veggies, biking along The Loop, in the desert…heck you could be in your backyard or walking the dog in the neighborhood. You get the idea. Think about what you’re going to wear this item with whether it’s jeans and boots and a t-shirt, or a leotard and tutu! Really we want to see you wearing/using the item, but sometimes that just isn’t possible. We understand. In those cases, create an image where you show what the item would be paired with, and yes invoke a sense of Fall or Autumn into the image.

The Inara shawl in the wild. In this case at the Tucson Botanical Gardens

We want to share images

Please know we want to share your glorious knitting with the world. Okay, maybe just our little part of it. We will plan on reposting images to our social media platforms. This might be with or without identification dependent on your wishes, but we want you to know that adding the #BirdhouseYarnsFallPhoto hashtag to an image we take as agreement that we can repost.



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